Microsoft had released Microsoft Office 2007 for download to masses. Following the link to download a copy of Microsoft Office 2007. (Note that due do high load, it may take a some time for download to begin).

To get the serial, click the ‘Try Now’ button beside the product you wish to try. You will get the product key and the link to download once you finish the process. Microsoft has the following trial products for download:

  • Microsoft® Office Accounting Express 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Small Business 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Standard 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Project Standard 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Professional 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Live Groove 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Visio Standard 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Visio Professional 2007
  • Microsoft® Office OneNote 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Accounting Professional 2007

Note: The free trial lasts 60-days. You can upgrade the trial product and easily convert it into a permanent licensed version.

101 Responses to “How to obtain the Microsoft Office 2007 key/ serial for free?”

  1. santosh nahak Says:

    ggooooddd work

  2. colby Says:

    emm i am not seeing the “try button” can someone plz tell me whats going on?

  3. Gwinni Says:

    Y da hell cnt i c da ‘try now’ button??

  4. Vinay Says:

    couldn’t find the TRY button… Am I missing something??

  5. srini Says:

    i could not find the try now key
    pl guide

  6. Cait Says:

    I am not seeing the “try button”….am I blind?

  7. Madhu Says:


  8. cris Says:


  9. me Says:

    Where is that TRY button.i dont see microsoft office enterprise 2007

  10. Mani Says:

    I am unable to find try now button.

  11. sak Says:

    whete is the try now button

  12. sak Says:

    where is the button

  13. Sarah Honeyman Says:

    yeah, like those other guys, i cant find the try button either :(

  14. Jayant Gandhi Says:

    You do not see the try now button because, it it no longer available :)

  15. karan Says:

    I m not able to find that described try button by u.

  16. Ahmed Says:


    can you please give me this key through e-mail or tell me the procedures through which i should obtain this.

  17. astravity Says:

    I am unable to find try now button.
    please update your site

  18. alex Says:

    i see a damn hard of using microsoft word 2007 vista student.
    microsoft is realy going to kill us using their technology….stop using something too hard to understand please…i cant even get the right cd key… i beg you.. dont do it too complicate…

  19. Georgescu Mihaela Says:

    I purchase MS Office 2007 at 21 february 2008.
    I could not use this product because I must write
    Product Key and I did not receive this.
    Please comunicate 25 - character Product Key necessary
    for Setup or what must to do.
    Yours faithfully,
    Orovitz Gh.

  20. Kazeem Says:

    The ‘Try Now’ button is still there, i am using it now.

  21. Sajid Says:

    Close all Microsoft Office programs.
    Click on Start button, then click on Run.
    Type “regedit” (without quotes) in the Run text box, and click OK or press Enter.
    Locate and then click the following subkey:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Registration

    Inside, you will find another subkey that resembles the following subkey:

    Optional: Backup this registry branch by exporting the Registration subkey to a file, just in case the new product key does not work and you have to restore back the old product key. To export the registry, right click on the Registration subkey and click on Export, and follow the on-screen prompt to enter a file name for the registry file and choose a location to store it.
    Under the Registration subkey, there may be several Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) subkey that contain a combination of alphanumeric characters. Each GUID is specific to a program that is installed on your computer.

    If you find additional subkeys that reference Microsoft 12.0 registration, then click and open each GUID subkey to view and identify the Office product version by the ProductName registry entry in the right pane. For example:

    ProductName=Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
    After you find the GUID subkey that contains your Office product or program which you want to remove the existing product license key or registration details, delete the following registry entries by right clicking on the registry entry in the GUID subkey, click Delete, and then click Yes:

    • DigitalProductID
    • ProductID
    Exit Registry Editor.
    Run or open an Office application program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel or Outlook. Office 2007 will prompt you to enter a new 25-character product key.
    Type in the valid and genuine product key, and then click OK.
    Then when prompted to choose your preferred type of Microsoft Office 2007 installation, press on “Install Now”.
    Microsoft Office 2007 will be updated with new product CD key or volume license key, and ready for activation (if it’s a non-VLK serial) or use.

  22. jeydon Says:

    the try now button disapears once you have installed the 60 day trial

  23. jeydon Says:

    p.s. it would otherwise apear just to the left of the step one button

  24. Naa Says:

    me either, what a “Try Now” button, you mean try it now trail version?

  25. Alberto Says:

    I couldn’t see the bottom try now

  26. Alberto Says:

    help me where is the try now button?

  27. Alberto Says:

    do i give up?

  28. Jay Says:

    Hey you would click on “download a copy of Microsoft Office 2008″ Then just maybe, JUST MAYBE! you will see the big button that says “TRY NOW”

    Ps: It’s The Trial Version Serial!
    LMAO! Ughhh I Know It’ Sucks! I NEED ONE!

  29. kabir Says:

    thanks for office 2007 activition key.

  30. Nazmi Says:

    I am unable to find try now button.

  31. kleavon Says:

    um…where is the try now button? up?

  32. andy Says:

    i cannot find/see the try now button
    pls guide

  33. buddha Says:

    How do I make it permanent?

  34. michael Says:

    where iz the try now button mate

  35. mackenzie Says:

    Hi, i have the 60 day ms office 2007 trial pre-installed on my computer before i bought it how do upgrade the trial product and convert it into a permanent licensed version??

    Thank you so much!

  36. Jayant Gandhi Says:

    @mackenzie: buy it :)

  37. sunil Says:

    give me ms office product key

  38. Rehan Says:

    We only need the product key becouse they trial version is expired in 60 days. Now its asking for the new product key. Anybody has a product key for Microsoft Office 2007.
    Thank You

  39. deepali Says:

    oh gosh……….even i do not find the try now button!

  40. Joze Says:

    What kind of guy would put on an advertisement for a trial version? awkward?

    I think WE ALL want the permanent lasting product key.

  41. Melanie Says:

    Hi, Just looking for the product key for microsoft office 2007 to make convert it from the trial version.

  42. Kovet Says:

    If you want something for free you will have to first be willing to break the law. If so you can do one of the following.

    1. Download an already cracked version or one that includes a keygen.

    2. Crack the version you have by yourself. It is something that can be self taught.

    3. Steal it from a software store.

    4. Steal the money to purchase the full version.

    If you are not willing to perform one of the aforementioned tasks and/or do not have the money to purchase it legally, you probably have more to worry about than scrapbooking. If you ACTUALLY NEED the program for work then tell your boss to provide it, if they don’t then you’ve got a cheap boss who doesn’t deserve the productivity increase this program may provide anyway.

    If you don’t like any of these options then you are out of luck because these are the only ways to get it aside from someone just giving it to you. That is all.


  43. louis Says:

    click on the link and then the try button comes up


  44. aaaa Says:


  45. Craig Says:

    How is this free? I got it with my Laptop and got the 60-day trial, it’s now run out and says I need to BUY a key. This is no different other than downloading it to the computer to start with, it’s not free at all.

  46. Cool Punjabi Says:

    where is the try now button?? Is this a prank or what????

  47. gill Says:

    No I’m not willing to break the law I’m leaving infact I’m not happy

  48. manoj Says:

    the try now opton is not available..pls help me out

  49. LiddolGirl Says:

    Product key, please?



  51. Thap Vo Says:

    I’m having issues with access to microsoft 07

  52. Kaitlin Says:

    the key is usually inside the box, or in the manual, or on the disc somewhere . it is given somewhere inside the package for microsoft word that you recieved.

  53. llo Says:

    Kovet.SNM said it 100% correctly. Those are the only ways.

    Use OpenOffice..

  54. Jivyaaant Says:

    I have the code but i won’t give it to u .
    Actually i had the MS Office 2007 cd but it did not work, but it had the lisence key in it so i can use it.

  55. maddie Says:

    urrrrr…. could someone please tell me where that “try now” button is? is this some kind of joke or what? well… not telling? i think you’ll need something better then that old trick… im waiting and still no response!… well ill be waiting for a reply. seeya in the chat room! :)

  56. gb Says:

    where is the button?

  57. Nfamara Jawneh Says:

    I received this labtop from my friend in Ireland two weeks ago but i couldnt acces the product key can you please help me.

  58. Jim Stout Says:

    How would you be able to install the product?

  59. Big Guy Says:

    You guys are all rediculous! Why wouldn’t you just write the product key for everyone to see so everyone can have what they want? Losers!

  60. saket kumar Says:

    hi i know the ‘TRY NOW’ button if anybody wants then contact on my e mail address..
    have a nice day..

  61. emy Says:

    can anyone provide me the product key? mine will expired in 3 days..plss??

  62. Sharon Connor Says:

    So, where’s the FREE serial (product) key? A trial version doesn’t quite qualify as free, does it?

    As for the smart aleck making stupass comments about breaking the law: I had the full version. The ex took the CDs. All I need it the product key!

    I already paid over four hundred dollars for it, so why should I have to pay for it again!

    Keep your nasty comments to yourself when some of us actually need assistance and are not breaking the law.

  63. Matt Says:

    Do you have so little money and so much determination to save 60 dollars that you would go through all of this and get charged thousands of dollars for ripping microsoft who is honest? Really, that is pitiful.

  64. maria Says:

    microsoft and honest. my god what planet are you from?

  65. leo Says:

    i agree matt i work for microsoft

  66. Amber Says:

    What ever happened to Microsoft Word coming with your computer? Why do we have to purchase it now days? That’s BS. What if kids who are in desperate need of writing an essay need this program and they have no money to buy it? Fucking Microsoft. Just taking every little penny out of peoples pockets.

  67. Amber Says:

    Wait, question. Did you always have to buy Microsoft Word with your computer? So confused.

  68. skenda Says:

    Product key, please?

  69. avishek Says:

    i need product key of microsoft office 2007

  70. dave Says:

    I own an office home and student disk. I can’t find the key. I paid for this producet. Where can I get a new key?

  71. Abeer Says:

    I purchase MS Office 2007 at 11 january 2009.
    I could not use this product because I must write
    Product Key.
    Please comunicate ASAP 25 - character Product Key necessary
    for Setup or what must to do.
    thanks ,
    Yours faithfully,

  72. kasis Says:

    give me please ms office product key

  73. addill Says:


  74. Frustrated Again Says:

    I just purchased a $800.00 Toshiba Satellite laptop and now I have to purchase MSO 2007.

  75. danish Says:


  76. Cau H tran Says:

    PRODUCT KEY?Damn it. Where to findit?

  77. janasheen Says:

    tehehe..i hope u can help us!! :D

  78. khutso Says:

    help with the windows office home and student 2007 serial number

  79. kumar Says:

    Can one find volume licence key of MS office 2007 from installed copy

    I have legally purchased copy of MS Office 2007 Prof. Plus.
    Is it possible to know the Volume Licence Key from the installed copy on the computer?

  80. John Says:

    no you didnt.
    it always came with the computer until Office2003

  81. intelligence (for lack of a better word) Says:

    seriously the easier way to do it would be to go to and just look it up. it’s free and there is a lot less of a hassle it sounds like…
    or go to by its self and download the free trial-copy.
    easy and a lot less complaining I’m sure.

  82. Marketing Says:

    I have been looking for Microsoft Office free key but cant find it so Iam going have to buy it, is very cool software for my presentations so is worth it :)

  83. duc cot Says:

    please shares for me key of office 2007

  84. jimbo Says:

    does noone have anything better to do than wright comments on web pages??????????

  85. raj Says:

    i’m down load the ms office 2007 version 12.0.4518.1014

    how can i got the serial key for the this suit.

  86. miseal Says:

    no, you didn’t have to buy ms office and all components. thera are a lot of alternatives outside there, for example open office (have some similarity with ms office)just googling it.

  87. devidutta Says:

    I want to download the microsoft office-2007for trial

  88. hellboy Says:

    how to acquire a full version of microsoft office 2007 for free?

  89. tesfaye Says:

    thank u very much

  90. teramene jamesonn Says:

    i want to have my 25 characters key

  91. age Says:

    i got all the way to the end and product key wouldn’t work.

  92. aNGEI Says:


  93. john Says:

    I use to have a copy of Word 1.0 It was so bad they would have had to give it away.

  94. nazish imam Says:

    i have all ready install in our laptop but now a days software need siral no and i have lose so my office is not working properly please send me siral no of office 2007

  95. Danielle Says:

    Im using the ms Office home and student 2007. I got the laptop and as it was an ex display i never had that many times left to access it. (i could only access ms word a certain number of times before it cancelled on me)

    Im now trying to sort out my CV with this in the back of my mind…i personally dont see why after buying the laptop we should then need to pay for something that has previously been gave to us for nothing as part of your deal. Why pay now???

    Can anyone please please please help me out…i need to get a job!!! no CV=No job = not a happy 18yr girl unable to get my nights out!!!!!


  96. Rachell Says:

    Where is the ‘Try button’

    Please help

    :/ what happened to office coming free with your computer, it was better that way =[

  97. SAGAR Says:

    THAN Q

  98. Amy Stine Says:

    I used OpenOffice and it is equally powerful software. Microsoft is just pushing its products.. try different things, you will get better taste..

  99. lil jew Says:

    as soon as i get a good SKey im posting it!

  100. Moin Says:

    please send ms office 2007 license key
    I use trial version

  101. meh Says:

    amber if those kids you mention are so desesperate for a text editor or a a excel thinguie perhaps and only perhaps they can download openoffice who are open source and free by default.

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