1. Download SWiSH Video 2.
  2. Start the setup program.
  3. Select a Custom Install.
  4. Untick the top checkbox if you do not need a program to convert videos to FLV. [NOTE: You MUST have at least the center checkbox ticked for this process.]
  5. Keep clicking on “Yes” and “Next” until the setup is finished.
  6. If you want to configure WinAmp to play FLV files: Add ;FLV to the Extension List in:

    Winamp > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Input > DirectShow (in_dshow.dll) > configure

    It should now looks something like:


You will now have playback support for FLV in Winamp. Any media player that uses DirectShow can now play FLV files. You might need to configure the media player like the way we configured WinAmp :)

3 Responses to “Simple way to play FLV files in Winamp or any other media player”

  1. cooldude Says:

    wow it worked and this is the easyest guide ever well done

  2. jammer Says:

    With what version of WinAmp does this work? I tried with 5.35 and it did not work for me.

  3. Mihai Says:

    Didn’t worked for me, besides SWISH video ain’t for free.

    Found an easier way to do it.

    Download flvsplitter from source forge (guliverkli project).
    Copy the FLVSplitter.ax to windows\System32 and register it using “regsvr32.exe FLVSplitter.ax”.
    Than add FLV to the winamp’s in_dshow.dll extension list as above and voila!

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